Pastor’s Message | June 2018

          As I sat at the traffic light today waiting for the change from red to green, I started thinking about how the Church has just made that same transition, from red to green. The Day of Pentecost comes in with a blaze of red, reminding us of the flames of fire burning so brightly in the hearts of Jesus’ disciples that they resembled human candles, as the Holy Spirit touched each one.  After the disciples spilled out the door from their locked room, the fire spread to thousands who heard their testimony about Jesus Christ, and from there the fire continued to spread to the far reaches of the sea. 

          What happens after the roar of fire?  The awe-inspiring and terrifying images we see of volcanoes in Hawaii, and wildfires in California may cause us to believe that nothing can happen after an all-consuming fire.  And yet, what the fire leaves behind is the richest of soil, full of the best nutrients, ready for seeds to be planted, able to support new growth, a perfect vehicle for new life to begin.  Have you noticed that the color for the Day of Pentecost is red, and the color for the season of Pentecost is green?

          As the fire of the Holy Spirit leaps through your life, what is being prepared within you?  In the richest soil of God’s grace, what seeds of new growth are beginning to sprout?  In what way is the Lord using you as a vehicle for new life in this world?  How is God being glorified through your life today?

          The green days of Pentecost cover an entire half of the calendar year.  What a long growing season we have!  For creatures who were created within a Garden, this may make us feel right at home, and grateful for the new garden God is creating through us. 

Enjoy this growing season!

 Your Sister in Christ,

Pastor Leslie M. Richard