Pastor’s Message | June 2019

If you were asked which concept was most central in the Christian faith, what would you answer? If you were to answer the question with “Love,” you are not wrong.  But perhaps a more complete answer would be “Forgiveness, rooted in God’s Love.”  What makes the Christian faith unique is not so much the concept of Love, but how that Love is shown to the world by a loving God, and the expectation God has for us to show love to one another in the world.  God has manifested Love through an act of Forgiveness in Christ.  Among all the voices in the world, those who follow Christ are uniquely called to speak of Forgiveness and to demonstrate it in the way that we live.

I came across an article by Marina McCoy in which she lists Ten Things Forgiveness is Not:

  •  Forgiveness is not the acceptance of injustice.
  • Forgiveness is not a reason to keep things the way they always have been.
  • Forgiveness is not incompatible with loving anger.
  • Forgiveness does not eliminate the need for mutual communication.
  • Forgiveness is not yet reconciliation.
  • Forgiveness is not a moment but a process.
  • Forgiveness does not forget history.
  • Forgiveness does not create illusions but engages deeply with the real.
  • Forgiveness is not a straight line.
  • Forgiveness is not something that we do alone, but only with the grace of God.

With the echo of Eastertide still in our ears, and facing the long growing season of Pentecost, let us bring the Easter message forward with us into the fertile fields all around.  Let us practice what we have been given, and embody the message of “Forgiveness, rooted in God’s Love.”  This is a unique time for our unique voice, an opportunity to bring God’s reconciling love into our hurting and broken world, and hopefully, also, for us to come to see why God loves this world so much.

Living with you the life of Forgiveness,

Your Sister in Christ,

The Rev. Leslie M. Richard