Pastor’s Message | January 2019

Dear Friends,

As I was preparing a devotion for an Epiphany gathering of our Conference pastors, I came across this meditation written by evangelist Billy Graham. I share an excerpt with you for your own Epiphany devotion.

         When the magi saw Jesus, they fell down and worshipped Him. They had brought precious gifts with them for the child, who they recognized as a king appointed not by people or family name, but by God. They had an epiphany, or a sudden insight into the true nature of something. They realized that they were in the presence of God.

          Theophany, a theological term, also describes the wise men’s experience that night: a moment when God manifests Himself to the world. The birth of Christ represents the introduction of God’s Spirit into human form, or incarnate.

          And this incarnation of God, the man Jesus Christ, had arrived for the sake of all people – Jews as well as non-Jews, or Gentiles.

          The wise men were Gentiles, but they were on the lookout for God, searching for Him in Scripture, listening for Him in the words of the prophets, and watching for signs of His revelation on earth. And through Christ, they were able to become God’s people as well.

          When you look at something that you may have known about for a long time, and suddenly you realize that it is very special, much more meaningful than you’ve ever acknowledged; then at that moment, you’ve had an epiphany. You’ve uncovered something that was there all along, but was hiding, in a sense, just below the surface. It wasn’t so obvious. It took a second look.

          The magi realized that Jesus was their king, too, so they went out of their way to yield to Him and bring Him the praise that He deserved. Recognizing Jesus as King is the ultimate realization that anyone can have – it’s a life-changing epiphany.

May you be blessed with this same life – changing epiphany.

God’s Peace to you,

Pastor Leslie M. Richard