Pastor’s Message | July & August 2019

When I was young I asked my friend if she thought that God had a sense of humor. My friend thought deeply about that for a moment, and then said definitively, “Yes, God has a sense of humor. He made ducks.”

We seem to be pretty familiar with “Jesus wept” (John 11:35), reportedly the shortest verse in the Bible. We can imagine the face of God dark with anger, creased with sorrow, twisted in pain, pale in death, brilliant with glory, radiant in triumph, and perhaps even gentle with love, or smiling benevolently.

But what might it be like to see God chuckling with delight as He God gazes upon His creation (Proverbs 8:30-31)? Would God’s eyes hold a twinkle of merriment, with crinkles at the corners – as if those eyes have seen a wonderful surprise which awaits just beyond our vision (1Corinthians 2:9)? What if we could hear laughter in the voice of the resurrected Jesus as he greeted the Mary who mistook him for the gardener (John 20:15)? Moments like this with our God might give us the courage, and the grace, to laugh in the face of death.

Does God have a sense of humor? How could He not? As creatures fashioned by the hand and wisdom of God, how could we possibly have an attribute which doesn’t reflect something about our Creator (Genesis 1:27)? Certainly we are not responsible for inventing humor, even if we may be funny (Psalm 2:4).

As you enjoy God’s creation throughout this summertime, ask God to help you see your neighbors and the world around you through His laughing eyes. When your spirit is heavy with sorrow, or worry, or fear, or doubt, ask God to turn His face toward you. May you be filled with the laughter of Christ as your eyes adjust to the surprise of new life that the Lord has envisioned for you.

And – why not go feed the ducks?

Peace to you,

Pastor Leslie M. Richard