Pastor’s Message |November 2017

         What a wonderful celebration we had for our 75th Anniversary!  Thanks to the hard work of our Minister of Music, John Kampmeyer, the choir, organ, and trumpet music was inspirational.  The new banners were beautiful, and it was very special to have Pr. Rentner, Pr. Stickley and Matthew Young in the chancel with me serving Holy Communion to the congregation.  I am grateful to Matthew, Brian and Emily for participating in the processions.  And I am especially grateful to Bruce Reminger, Trish Young, and Jean Dorschu for sharing their reflections on the life of Grace. 

           I am grateful to each one of you who helped to set up and decorate the undercroft for our banquet, and I thank Jan and Jean for helping provide linens and flowers to make our tables so pretty (and I am so thankful to those who helped carry those heavy tables, too!).  My deep gratitude to Jeannette for overseeing all of the invitations and responses.  Thank you to Keith and Maureen Jones for overseeing the catering and cleanup of our delicious food.  All of the food that remained was packaged and delivered to the Life Center for their use as they feed the hungry.  We even had a hungry family come to the church at that hour looking for some assistance, and we were able to provide them with a hearty meal for their whole family.  Isn’t that a foretaste of the Heavenly banquet, to share the bounty of the table in the Lord’s house?     

          We were blessed to have Yvonne Curtis with us as our keynote speaker representing the Office of the Bishop, as she shared with us the life-transforming experience of our Synod’s recent mission trip to visit our partner Synod in Tanzania.  We were able to present to her a check for the Synod’s Forward Together in Faith campaign in the amount of $500.   

          Rey and Veronica Bergey made portraits of everyone who came to the celebration that day.  What a wonderful way to chronicle our time together, and we look forward to creating a new pictorial directory of Grace from these photos.  Christine Kertis provided a picture frame for us to sign, and we look forward to seeing the new photo of the church in the near future.   

          This was a very special day, and I know it will be remembered for a long time to come.  What do we do now that the 75th Anniversary day is over?  We begin to live into the gift of our 76th year!  We continue in the mission of Grace Lutheran Church which was so beautifully described by Bruce, Trish, and Jean:

Hearing God’s Word, Living God’s Word, Sharing God’s Word. 

We continue to be blessed to be the People of Grace!

Pastor Leslie M. Richard