August 9, 2020 Worship Service

10th SUNDAY after Pentecost

August 9, 2020

Elijah finds the presence of God not in earthquake, wind, or fire, but in the sound of sheer silence. When the disciples face a great storm on the sea, they cry out with fear. Jesus says: “Take heart, it is I; do not be afraid.” Amid the storms of life, we gather to seek the calm presence of Christ that soothes our fears. In comforting words of scripture and in the movement of the Holy Spirit, God grants us peace and sends us forth to be a sign of God’s presence to others.

GATHERING          The Holy Spirit calls us together as the people of God


Worship Service August 2, 2020

9th SUNDAY after Pentecost

August 2, 2020

In today’s first reading God invites all who are hungry or thirsty to receive food and drink without cost. Jesus feeds the hungry multitude and reveals the abundance of God. As we have been fed by the word of the Lord, so are we sent forth to give ourselves away as bread for the hungry.

GATHERING          The Holy Spirit calls us together as the people of God


July 26, 2020 Worship Service

8th SUNDAY after Pentecost

July 26, 2020

As Solomon prays for wisdom, we seek to more deeply know the treasures of faith. In today’s gospel Jesus offers everyday images that reveal to us the reign of God: a tree that becomes a sheltering home, yeast that penetrates and expands, a treasured pearl, a net that gains a great catch. Even as we seek the riches of God’s reign, the great surprise is that God’s grace finds us first!

GATHERING          The Holy Spirit calls us together as the people of God


July 19, 2020 Worship Service

7th SUNDAY after Pentecost

July 19, 2020

It is an age-old question: why is there evil in the world? In the parable of the wheat and the weeds Jesus suggests that both grow together until the harvest. With Paul, we long for the day that all creation will be set free from bondage and suffering. Having both weeds and wheat within us, we humbly place our hope in the promises of God, and from this worship service we go forth to bear the fruit of justice and mercy.

GATHERING                   The Holy Spirit calls us together as the people of God


July 12, 2020 Worship Service

6th SUNDAY after Pentecost

July 12, 2020

God’s word is like the rain that waters the earth and brings forth vegetation. It is also like the sower who scatters seed indiscriminately. Our lives are like seeds sown in the earth. Even from what appears to be little, dormant, or dead, God promises a harvest. As we are fed with God’s word, we are able to bear fruit in the world.

GATHERING                   The Holy Spirit calls us together as the people of God


Monthly News / July & August 2020

These dates may be subject to change/cancellation due to the Corona Virus.  We will keep you posted if further changes are necessary.  Information can be found on our website –, Facebook, and the church answering machine. 

During the months of July and August Worship services will be led remotely via Zoom.   We have also canceled the altar flowers for July and August.

July 1, – August 2, 2020 – We will be collecting school supplies in conjunction with Thrivent Financial from July 1st through August 2nd for local school children in need of a little help to start the school year. See attached list of items needed to fill backpacks.  Thrivent will provide the backpacks.  Since we are not worshiping at Grace right now due to the Corona Virus we have put the box for collecting school supplies next to the door that faces Mather Avenue right at the bottom of the steps.  During July that door will be unlocked on every Wednesday morning from 9 – 12 noon for anyone who wants to drop off school supplies to do so.  If you need to come at a different time please call the church office at 610-356-1824 and we will make arrangements for you to bring your school supplies.  Monetary gifts are also welcome.  Please make your check out to Grace Lutheran Church and mark School Supplies on the memo line and mail your check to the church office.

Wednesday, July 8, 2020 – We will be feeding the hungry.  Due to the Corona Virus Keith Jones will contact the regular volunteers the Sunday before July 8 to let you know what we are doing and how.

Monday July 13, 2020 – There will be a Council Meeting via Zoom which will begin at 7:00 pm.  Marie Kneizys will send out an invitation to Council members.

Sunday, July 19, 2020 – We will be having a very important Congregational Voters Meeting via Zoom following the worship service that morning at 11:15am.  Please plan to attend this important meeting.  Marie Kneizys will be sending out the Zoom invitation for you to join the meeting.  If you don’t have a computer you can use the phone number provided in the Zoom invitation and put in the ID number which will also be provided in the invitation and join by phone.

Planning Ahead

Monday, September 7, 2020 – Labor Day!

June 28, 2020 Worship Service

4th SUNDAY after Pentecost

June 28, 2020

The role of a prophet is to point to the Almighty God, and proclaim God’s will for the world.  In Jeremiah we hear that one knows the words of a prophet are true if they come to pass.  In the Gospel, Jesus says to the disciples that they are prophets as they take God’s word to the people, and a blessing occurs when they are received as messengers of God.  In Romans, Paul states that the goal of a person of faith is to proclaim God in both word and deed, not yoking oneself to sin, but following the example of God’s grace and mercy in Jesus Christ.  Following the sinful path of the world leads to death, but following the living Word of God lead to salvation and eternal life.

GATHERING          The Holy Spirit calls us together as the people of God


June 21, 2020 Worship Service

3rd SUNDAY after Pentecost

June 21, 2020

God hears the cry of people in every time and every place.  In Genesis, God hears the cry of Hagar, and blesses her son Ishmael.  In Romans, Paul reminds us that we will be joined in a resurrection like Jesus, as we have been united with him in his death.  In the Gospel Jesus reminds us not even sparrows fall to the ground apart from God’s knowledge, and we are of much more value than sparrows.  Living together as children of God through our baptism into Christ, we live and love with confidence and hope.

GATHERING                   The Holy Spirit calls us together as the people of God


In the name of the Father, and of the + Son, and of the Holy Spirit.  



June 14, 2020 Worship Service

2nd SUNDAY after Pentecost

June 14, 2020

Moses tells the Israelites that they are called to be a priestly kingdom and a holy people. Jesus sends out the disciples as laborers into the harvest. In baptism we too are anointed for ministry, sharing God’s compassion with our needy world. From this worship service we go forth to proclaim the good news, to heal the sick, and to share our bread with the hungry.

GATHERING                   The Holy Spirit calls us together as the people of God


June 7, 2020 Worship Service

The following Service of the Word is offered for use by synods and congregations who assemble around the recorded sermon from ELCA Presiding Bishop Elizabeth Eaton June 7th, 2020.


June 7, 2020

Though the word trinity is not found in the scriptures, today’s second reading includes the apostolic greeting that begins the liturgy: The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, the love of God, and the communion of the Holy Spirit be with you all. In the gospel Jesus sends his disciples forth to baptize in the name of the Father, and the Son, and the Holy Spirit. More than a doctrine, the Trinity expresses the heart of our faith: we have experienced the God of creation made known in Jesus Christ and with us always through the Holy Spirit. We celebrate the mystery of the Holy Trinity in word and sacrament, as we profess the creed, and as we are sent into the world to bear witness to our faith.


The Holy Spirit calls us together as the people of God